was found 1997 as an membership association for the work on standardisation and harmonisation of industries solutions for cross industries supply chain management.  The vision is to become the European support point for the industries globally as a hot line for multi industry communication and Automatic Data Capture. The goal is, to assist industries members to optimise supply chain management projects by means of best industries practices and latest standards. Members requirements and members solutions shall have a priority position within this work. It is to optimise systems but to avoid changing systems and numbering schemes rather than to waste money and efforts on changing systems. The "adjust prior to change" strategy needs not only technical know how but specially lobbying for the best solution possible.
The Work plan may help to achieve the aim being set.

The continuous work includes the activities with multi industry characteristics:

  • Hot Line for the members of the European Industries
  • Support desk for the Chemical Industry
  • ANSI/FACT Data Identifier Maintenance Group, latest DI´s: 25P, 25S, 25T for unique product, unique serial numbers and unique tracing ID.
  • Hot Line for use of ADC for SCM in liaison with EHIBCC and associated organisations
  • Standing delegation with DIN and ISO for the work items of ADC and its applications

The Multi Industry Symposium is one of the key events where industries meet together in order to exchange know how and experiencis for harmonizing processes with each other.

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